Kings Vista 2014

image[1]First step, pick up the water trailer from storage, go load some water from the local water place (great guys, I tell you), then transport to the Vista.  Here I am backing the trailer down one drive to pull up through the “other” drive where I park the trailer.  Not not much in the background except the deck waiting for the home to arrive.

image_4[1]OK, the water supply is in place, let’s go get the home.

image_5[1]OK, all hooked up and ready to transport back up on top of the Vista.  This home weighs approximately 14K, as it sits…lightened as much as possible.  If you could see the hill I need to take it up with this 14-year-old 4×2 truck….but, I have already checked out one access road and it is pretty smooth, so we can get a nice run at it!  (reminder to self…stop by the local KOA and use their dump station to clean the anti-freeze out of the lines…)

image_10[1]Whew…..nice run!  We made it and NOW…..all on my own this year without a “flagger” we will see if we can get it into place.

image_11[1]Let’s see…..between the trees on this side….and…..

image_12[1]…..the trees on this side…….image_14[1]Easy does it….we can do this!image_19[1]Whew….just get lined up perfectly…..then the work starts….checking level, unhooking, raising the front just right to allow to get up level front to rear which has an appreciable difference in elevation…..almost there.  It is a lot of work!

image_20[1]YEA!  It is there, it is level, it is stable……  And, of course, now all the inside has to be cleaned up, gotten ready, put water in, check solar settings, etc etc etc I could put a hundred more pics of all it takes, but you get the ideas…wow, is it worth it?photoYES!  It IS worth it!  Have a great summer, everyone!

About Jerry LeFever

LeFever, aka King, is a very strange individual, and this blog started all about boondocking, which we do in the summer, but I have had to put in a couple of other posts, just for fun. Maybe I need to separate them and make two blogs. No matter. I am old, just went back to work (from home, YES!) and should be able to work even in our summer digs off the grid. Life is good.
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9 Responses to Kings Vista 2014

  1. Texas Heat says:

    Fantastic post Lynn. I loved it. Now when we discuss the place I have a good picture of it. By the way, where is the Mountain Sex in the pictures?

  2. Larry Barron says:

    Glad to see you are back “home”.

    Phenomenal pictures.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Madtamu says:

    Fantastic pictures! Welcome home.

  4. suznk says:

    Ahhh. Very nice job. You are quite self – sufficient. See you soon!

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