From the cave

My good friend Bob Badger has been “Badgering” me to post more on my blog.  I mentioned to him, yesterday, that my Blog was centered around living off the grid in the summer months and it seemed I had saturated that topic.  My good friend indicated it might be time to add to this, and rather than “branching” I have had a Facebook theme “From the Cave” which I have used to express my opinions on many topics, mostly political, to some degree or another.   Some shy away from expressing “political” opinions…..well, not this kid.

ram uncle sam

As you can see from the image below, this is where I do most of my good thinking during the non-summer months.  That is I, in the foreground, with the laptop closed.  The faint image you see is the Plasma “at rest” ready to soon burst forth with visual images of Vikings and Saxons at war with swords clashing and blood gushing…..all in the hope that I can forget the ‘real world’ for a while.  Yes, it IS a cave.


Just to tell you what is in store, let me give you a short list of some things I hate and about which I love to rant, at times.  This will tell you whether you want to check back, or not.  And, please, if you just can’t stand it, but came here in hopes of finding out SOMETHING about living off the grid, then check out some of my earlier posts and don’t ever hesitate to ASK, because I am happy to share.  oooooohhhhh speaking of off grid, I did just order (thanks HandyBob) a couple more solar panels for the summer.  I ordered them from  and their service is superb!  I ordered a couple of hundred watters plus some mounting z brackets to supplement our existing system.  Now back to my hate list:  Hillary, Barry, Harry, Nancy, head the list along with the vast majority of the other members of Congress.  We need term limits, people!  If we do NOT get term limits the future generations will have nothing decent in their future.


Yes, these criminal trespassers will be on the hit list.  Future Democratic voters and there are probably some good people in that line for which we should make a doable path to LEGAL status AFTER they go back and start over!  Uh, oh, too early for the ranting, I don’t want to drive everyone away, but let’s see how this goes.  See ya later….time to watch some Vikings!

About Jerry LeFever

LeFever, aka King, is a very strange individual, and this blog started all about boondocking, which we do in the summer, but I have had to put in a couple of other posts, just for fun. Maybe I need to separate them and make two blogs. No matter. I am old, just went back to work (from home, YES!) and should be able to work even in our summer digs off the grid. Life is good.
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1 Response to From the cave

  1. Texas Heat says:

    Amen brother. Keep this lively rhetoric going. Post more.

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