Life can be the Pits or just ‘rott’en.

OK, supposedly a “misotherist” is someone who hates animals.  I don’t hate animals.  There may be a good word for dog hater, but I couldn’t find it.  I am not a dog hater.  On the dog scale if a “1” means you would eliminate all dogs from the planet and 10 means you adore dogs to the point that you would sacrifice human life for them, risk your own life on a busy highway to rescue a dog, then, I would put myself about a 5.

bunch of dogs

A while back we gave away our little dog to a family with a young boy and it was win-win, for both Buddy (our dog) and the little boy.  They fell in love with each other and it was bittersweet for us because we really loved Buddy.  But, we realized that he needed more attention than we were able to give because his energy was insatiable….too much for old people.  And, we also knew that he might be in harm’s way on our summer domicile unless we penned him up, and we did not want to do that.  But, he really thought he could take on a coyote if he had to and perhaps he suffered a bit from LDS.  (Little Dog Syndrome, and my apologies that those letters also belong to a church loved by family and friends.)

At any rate, we decided to find him a good home and the reports have been wonderful as we have kept up with him.  We could NOT have taken him to a shelter or anything else.

dog in shelter

So, the point is, I can love a dog, for sure.  Briefly, we had another dog, Josie, whom we adopted while we were traveling the Country in our RV, fulltime. We had to put her down after we had her for about a year and it was very sad, because she was a really sweet dog.  (We were told she was about 8 when we adopoted her, and we found out, later she was about 12.)

OK, having said ALL that, I have to address…..Pits and Rotts, mostly.  Check the statistics, from various sources and it is a FACT that Pit Bulls are especially dangerous.  Rottweilers, too.

pit 1

rott 1

And, sure there are other breeds, but these are the main culprits.

ALL dogs will bite, somehow, some way, in their lifetime.  It might be just a nip, it might be totally accidental, but in many cases it is just INSTINCTIVE.  Our little Buddy who might have weighed 8 pounds, would grab his toy, when it was thrown, and ferociously KILL IT!  Animal instinct.  Built in.  And, I say again, that Buddy was SWEET.  He bit my wife, once, playing….no malice intended.  It just happens.  Dogs bite.  Period.

dog biting 2

OK, so dogs bite…do Pits and Rotts bite more than other species?  I don’t know, but I can tell you that when they DO, there is a really good chance they will do some damage with their incredible strength.  Some of the sweetest, most lovable Pit Bulls have killed their owners.  Heck, have you ever been in a bad mood and felt like you could throttle someone?  But, you didn’t, because you thought it through, considered prison, what your children might think, considered the moral aspects, and didn’t follow through.  I don’t think animals always have a chance to think these things through.  They REACT.

dog biting

I am always amazed at how dog lovers will ALWAYS come to the defense of dogs after fatal attacks.  There are documented cases where dogs have killed infants in a home and the owners didn’t want the dog put down!!!  Are you kidding me?  When I hear someone say, “Oh, he has never bitten, anyone.”  If they are talking about their dog and not their spouse, this makes me especially leery. It means the odds are it might happen soon.

dog doesn't bite

When I was working, on the road, one of the things I did for a while was safety surveying Natural Gas lines.  The job involved going into a LOT of yards, many gated back yards.  I was one of the few I knew on our crews who didn’t get bit by a dog, at some point.  I DID have some really close calls, however.  I witnessed a LOT of different dogs in different situations.  I have to say that in some neighborhoods it was like a wave in a sports stadium.  The barking would just follow me as I went up and down the street.  The endless barking was deafening in some places.  We couldn’t wear ear protection or headphones, because we had to listen to our instrument. Aaaarghhhh. I worked with one dog lover who used to laugh at my caution when it came to dogs.  He wasn’t afraid and was derisive regarding the fact that I wouldn’t enter some yards, if an apparently vicious dog was in there.  Yep, he got bit.  Badly.

dog chases postman

If a dog has incredible strength, as Pit Bulls do, then you might as well play with a loaded .45 every day.  Sure, put it on safety, and that gun has NEVER killed anyone or even gone off, accidentally.  So, should be fine, right?  A lot of little dogs are much more ferocious, mean, and troublesome.  BUT, they aren’t gonna kill ya!!!

mean chihuaua

Yes, I would eliminate the Pit Bull and Rottweiler species if I had the power.  Does this make me a lot of new friends in the dog lover communities?  Nope.  But, please, if you own a Pit, or other powerful animal….please be careful and NEVER leave that animal with a small child, unattended, EVER. Or, anyone else in your family, if you care about them. Please. Maybe you love the dog more than the rest of the family.

pit with baby

About Jerry LeFever

LeFever, aka King, is a very strange individual, and this blog started all about boondocking, which we do in the summer, but I have had to put in a couple of other posts, just for fun. Maybe I need to separate them and make two blogs. No matter. I am old, just went back to work (from home, YES!) and should be able to work even in our summer digs off the grid. Life is good.
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1 Response to Life can be the Pits or just ‘rott’en.

  1. Texas Heat says:

    We’ve discussed this very subject before so you know we are on the same page. When people try to justify having a pit bull It’s very hard to accept that that person is rationale and logical. I regard them and wonder what is going on in their heads.

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