More power to you! Kings Vista 2015

A new summer at our idyllic getaway.  In a previous post I talked about solar power.  This year, given the lower cost of solar panels, we decided to add a couple of hundred watts to our existing system.  I ordered these two-100W panels from Windy Nation at a cost of about $225.  Very cheap compared to former prices.  Somehow I managed to wrestle this box with the panels on top of our RV.



Hmmmm…..ok, what do I do now?


OK, I guess the first thing to do would be to lay them out and find a good location……This might work?

20150531_095816Well, I don’t like that little shadow on there…that can kill a panel’s power, but the sun is still low, maybe it won’t matter, during the middle of these summer days.  I can give it a natural tilt there, to let the rain run off.  I will look around a bit.


There….I feel so much more organized now, and will put one at the front and the other back there behind that mess of tools and stuff.


OK…Handy Bob told me he had made room inside this junction box to add more panels, later if I wanted.  Smart guy.  It looks like the positive wires go on the left side and the negative on the right…..I can do this.

(At this time, I did go down and disconnect the controller to the batteries.  I don’t need to be shorting anything including my own shorts.)


Well, with a little drilling and holding my tongue just right, the panels are now connected in the junction box.  (I carefully drilled the holes and will caulk later)

Back down, I held my breath and re-connected the power to the batteries……20150531_144106

YES!!!  The Trimetric says 25.4A, with climbing voltage!!  I haven’t seen THOSE numbers before!

As a follow-up today, my first full day with the additional panels was a mostly sunny day, and I started the morning at around 87%, and by noon, I had completely charged batteries….14.8V!!!!  Thank you, once again, Handy Bob, for sharing all your knowledge and encouraging me along the way.   Also….at 5:30 PM, I had the TV going, charging my phone etc., and was STILL getting positive charge.  I am one happy camper!


About Jerry LeFever

LeFever, aka King, is a very strange individual, and this blog started all about boondocking, which we do in the summer, but I have had to put in a couple of other posts, just for fun. Maybe I need to separate them and make two blogs. No matter. I am old, just went back to work (from home, YES!) and should be able to work even in our summer digs off the grid. Life is good.
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  1. Texas Heat says:

    You the man Lynn. Quite a project you undertook and accomplished. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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