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2015=A ‘cabin’ goes up!

When I made the annual journey to Kings Vista to enjoy another summer, I never dreamed what would unfold over the next months.  My wife and I had been thinking we wanted to find a more permanent place for our … Continue reading

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Driving me crazy

OK, you might ask why a post about driving should be on a site supposed to be about living off the grid…..well, I guess it is because I have to tell SOMEBODY besides my wife. 🙂  And, heck, if some … Continue reading

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Yes, we are what we eat.

View from the Man Cave. I have attached a video for anyone who might accidentally read this too young to have heard of Alley Oop. At any rate, I wanted to share a life experience and, perhaps, might explain to … Continue reading

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Remembering the day we lost JFK

This morning I was watching the CBS Sunday morning show, all about John Kennedy, and it was mentioned about the effect his assassination had on a generation of young people just coming of age. My remembrances: My dad picked me … Continue reading

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Ah, youth

I don’t know how long it has been the duty of young people to do what they can to piss off the older generation. Is it an American tradition? I am guessing that it started in this Country before WWII, … Continue reading

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Water management-I want a hot shower every day!

OK, it starts here.  My good friend Wayne was hugely instrumental in my acquisition of this trailer and tanks.  He spotted the trailer last year and I was able to negotiate a very fair deal.  Wayne also designed the brackets … Continue reading

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Back to the Vista

We are back and loving it!  It has been quite a bit of work to get re-settled and we may do some things differently next year, but worth it. (Excuse me while I adjust this ice pack.) We put the … Continue reading

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